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 your professional mastering service in Berlin, Moabit.

We work hard and dig deep into sound to always achieve a great sounding master of your music. Beside audio mastering for vinyl, CD and online distribution, we also offer vinyl dubplate cutting, audio restauration work and vinyl to digital transfers. Additionally we run a small blog with audio and mastering regarded topics (still partly in german at the moment). Please have a look around and do not hesitate to drop us a mail with questions or  suggestions (in german or english). We always love to talk to other audio and music lovers.

As we finally decided to run this page in the english language to suit also our international clients, we providently apologise for certain spelling mistakes. :)


our services

Audio Mastering

We offer an online mastering service for vinyl, CD and digital distribution (incl. Mastering for iTunes) mostly to independent artists and labels in a very wide range of musical styles. We offer fair prices, always deliver on time and are strongly focussed on high quality yet very musical results. Our service includes a mix analysis, a free testmaster and several revisions on request until you are fully satisfied. For booking please download our order form and return it along with a link to your audio files via email.

  • mastering per track
  • 45

  • EP (2-5 tracks): €40,-
  • Album (from 6 tracks) €35,-

Vinyl Dubplates

We are providing on-off vinyl records; dubplates cut into PVC (vinyl) blanks with the same long time durability like pressed records. Of course in full stereo and by using a modern cutting lathe with a precise feedback cutting head. Your music on vinyl; straightforward and with low costs. This service allows independent artists to provide a unique form of promotion without the high cost of pressed records or DJs to integrate their own tracks into their vinyl sets.

  • vinyl dubplate 12inch
  • 35

  • 7inch €29,-
  • discount for mastering clients
the studio
some work we have done
what our clients say
  • I listened carefully to the two sides and I have to say that I like your mastering very much. Thanks, you're very sensible and have very good ears and good taste. You're a master!

  • Lieber Jan, Ich höre mir gerade die Testpressung an.. ich muss schon sagen du hast einen weltklasse Job gemacht. Ich habe unendlich Freude daran..

  • MAN, ist das GUUUUT!!!!!

  • Wir sind sehr zufrieden mit den neuen Masterspuren.
    Du hast nochmal sehr viel aus den Stücken rausgeholt.
    Vielen lieben Dank für deine Arbeit.

  • Vielen Dank nochmal fuer deine muehen! 
    Die Investition hat sich gelohnt.
    Empfehlen dich gerne weiter.

  • Die 2-Titel-12'' habe ich heute geschnitten, ein schön fetter und weicher sound. Das wird eine eher laute Platte... Danke für die prima Masters!

  • Bin überrascht was so ein richtiges Mastering doch ausmacht.
    Ich weiß nicht ob es Einbildung ist oder ob das tatsächlich irgendwie durch die analogen Geräte passiert aber ich hab das Gefühl das Stereobild ist noch um 5m aufgegangen :D
    Find ich super..!
    Auch überraschend aber gut ist das ich plötzlich Sachen höre die ich vorher nicht gehört habe.

  • Jan just cut my new EP, and it sounds amazing! He replies promptly to any questions, and is very knowledgeable! This is exactly the kind of service I wanted! And even though he doesn't print labels, he took some time out of his day to print me exactly the label which I needed for the record. I would recommend this service to ANYBODY interested in turning their music into vinyl! FIVE STARS!!!

  • Hallo Jan,
    mit einem Wort - Knaller!
    vielfach besser als die Konkurrenz, ein Genuss! :-)

  • Thank you 21Mastering! Your service and ears are 1st class!

who we are
Jan Pinnig
Jan Pinnig

audio & cutting engineer

20 years in audio business

some clients
We love music and are happy to help you out with yours. Just write a mail and we will be back to you as soon as possible. We do not publish a phone number here for good reasons. When cutting vinyl or doing mastering work a unexpected call can immediately destroy our hard work due to noise and HFI. So no active mobiles and phones allowed in the studio. If  you prefer to speak in personal just write a mail and we will make a date for a phone call. Thanks for your comprehension.